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          Latest song:    The Jam Shark - Let it burn (Official Song) Dubstep Archive ©
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Speedpaint music

This page is for anyone that wanted the official song in one of my speedpaint video's but couldn't download it.

Below you will see the speedpaint video with the song title next to it, Just click on the download button to retrieve the song from that video.

Please note that all the music i put into my speedpaint video's i 100% Own rights to use because i created the song(s) myself.

          Speedpaint:  The Jam Shark - Happy Halloween 2019
          Song in video:  The Jam Shark - Broken Dreams (Official Song) Archive ©

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          Speedpaint:  The Jam Shark - 1 size doesn't fit all

          Songs in video:  1. The Jam Shark - Deep Sea Wonders
          Songs in video:  2. The Jam Shark - Painful Transformation
          Songs in video:  3. The Jam Shark - Sunken Dreams

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          Speedpaint:  The Jam Shark - Zoey the Orca
          Song in video:  The Jam Shark - Game Over (Official Song) Archive ©

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