A little "bite" i mean bit.. about myself, I create my own music and art so i can share it with others that may be interested in it. The songs i make can be downloaded for free on site by clicking on the (Download Songs) tab above. I also make soundeffects that you can download by clicking on the (Download Soundeffects) tab. When downloading, Please only download my songs/soundeffects for personal use.

Archived Song uploads

      I am currently uploading past song projects ranging anywhere from 2012-2017. Some of these archived songs i will keep as originals and some of them that i don't like may be remade into better Jammier versions. I have a lot of old music and probably 75% of it won't make it onto websites until they are remade/recreated. When i recreate an old song and share the new version on other sites, the old original version (If was never uploaded anywhere) will only be available for view/download here on my website. That way it gives others the option to download either the new, old or both version(s). There will be a link in any descriptions of the remade songs linking them to the originals so people can compare the to versions and see how i progressed through the years.

You can check out my remakes Here


      My digital art is created using only 2 programs, (Ms Paint) which is about 90% of my drawings for all line-art and color. The other program i use is (Chasys Draw IES Artist) which is for all the effects i add to my work like shading/reflection and sparkle. I will probably start uploading the original Ms Paint only versions of my art for you to compare Ms paint vs Chasys Draw IES Artist. It will kinda give you an idea how much time i can throw into using Ms Paint. :3 Another thing i will be doing soon is making speedpaints with all my drawings, i think that could be a fun way to show everyone the process of making art. There is a vast majority of art sites i'm on if you wanna check them out. I won't be posting art on my website.


       Music is not as hard to make compared to drawing. I can whip things together faster using a music program compared to getting an artblock like 24/7. Anyways my main focus of Genre in my music is Club/House/Techno. I'm not a big fan of the new music style today, so i try to keep my music fun and simple. Virtual Dj & Fl Studio are my 2 choices in software i use today. Fl Studio is what i use to build the whole song in Segments, and Virtual Dj is what i use to Record all the Segments together to make one full song.

Songs can be viewed and listened to here