A little "bite" i mean bit.. about myself, I am a great white shark that somehow can make music and digital art underwater. It's kinda strange to me too but it works. I may look mean but I am totally opposite of what my profile picture shows you. (gotta look good for the camera)
I got a small start on getting everything setup everywhere. Feel free to visit any of the websites i have to the right of my blog. I signed up for plenty. :)


      My digital art is created using only 2 programs, (Ms Paint) which is about 90% of my drawings for all line-art and color. The other program i use is (Chasys Draw IES Artist) which is for all the effects i add to my work like shading/reflection and sparkle. I will probably start uploading the original Ms Paint only versions of my art for you to compare Ms paint vs Chasys Draw IES Artist. It will kinda give you an idea how much time i can throw into using Ms Paint. :3 Another thing i will be doing soon is making speedpaints with all my drawings, i think that could be a fun way to show everyone the process of making art. There is a vast majority of art sites i'm on if you wanna check them out. I won't be posting art on my website.


       Music is not as hard to make compared to drawing though. I can whip things together faster using a music program compared to getting an artblock like 24/7. Anyways my main focus of Genre in my music is Club/House/Techno. I'm not a big fan of the new music style today, so i try to keep my music fun and simple. Virtual Dj & Fl Studio are my 2 choices in software i use today. Fl Studio is what i use to build the whole song in Segments, and Virtual Dj is what i use to Record all the Segments together to make one full song.
Songs can be viewed and listened to Here: https://soundcloud.com/thejamshark