I am no longer a drawing artist, So now i can focus more on making more new songs. It's been awhile, but i do have some projects in the works. Check back often for updates.

Latest Song

          Latest song:    The Jam Shark - Let it burn (Official Song) Dubstep Archive ©
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       Hello and thank you for stopping by my official website. I am a musician and i set this website up mainly for downloading my songs if a website you may have found them on ran out of downloads or didn't have that option at all. You can click on the tabs above to download songs, sound effects, or even view my social media and websites i'm on.

If there is anything i can help you with, don't hesitate to contact me by using the contact form to the right or by email. thejamshark@gmail.com


      I like to keep my music in the club/dance genre. Some songs can sometimes sound a little strange because of the way i build them together, But i'm usually happy with the outcome from all that hard work. If you like my music or never heard it at all, you can listen and download them using the button i provided below.

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 Sound Effects

      I do make sound effects at random when i'm messing with Plugins on Fl Studio, I don't plan on them being discovered and made, they just happen to show up so i save them. If you want to hear or download them, you can click the button i provided below.

 Listen or download sound effects here